THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE BUBBLES book series follows a young boy named Charlie.  As an infant Charlie discovers he can blow bubbles that transport him to a magical world and places he dreams about. Through his adventures he meets many interesting and unlikely characters who have been discarded or unwanted in their world. They develop loyal friendships learning  that they can be useful once again and help Charlie find his way home.  Charlie’s guiding virtue is his good heart, giving of himself unselfishly and wanting only to be helpful is his reward.

Through all the adventures, Charlie learns the true meaning of friendship, acceptance, loyalty and humility. Gaining the courage and belief in himself in the face of adversity he is always guided by his motto, To be Helpful, Loving and Kind.  As Charlie grows so do his dreams making him realize he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.  Say “yes” and anything is posable. Say no, and nothing happens!