All The Bubbles


Have You Read Your Bubbles Today?

Kids love Charlie Bubbles. Now children can receive all (3) Charlie Bubbles Storybooks, a Charlie Bubbles Coloring Book and the music CD, Sing With Charlie Bubbles

Read, Color, Sing, Play, Laugh and Enjoy!



All The Bubbles

Storybook #1
The Adventures Of Charlie Bubbles!
One day Charlie blows a bubble so large it surrounds him and unexpectedly floats out the window over a pumpkin patch where he encounters a frightened squirrel who hides inside a jack o’lantern and an unwanted teddy bear. They become friends and travel together to find food. They encounter a kind Honey Bee who helps Charlie return home. All turns out well when the friends stick together to overcome fear, appreciate their own qualities, and to discover that appearances can’t be generalized. `You can’t judge a bee by its buzz’.

Storybook #2
Charlie Bubbles 2 Smartsville!
An epic adventure as the Smartsville ants work tirelessly and joylessly for their Queen who has captured Charlie’s pal, Caterpillar. Showing humility and kindness Charlie develops new friendships and with music transforms the hearts and minds of the Queen and her brood proving that we can indeed change.

Storybook #3
Charlie Bubbles To Fenway!
Tai the Butterfly returns teaching Charlie how to skate when three Crows appear taunting and bullying Charlie. Remembering words of encouragement from his dad he reaches deep inside bubbling up the courage to face his adversaries. Later he dreams of his love of baseball and playing for his favorite team. Charlie’s don’t quit attitude overcomes adversity by believing in himself, showing courage to stand up to bullies and dream big dreams.

Coloring Book
Charlie Bubbles 2 Smartsville Coloring Book
Be creative. Match colors from the original book or let your imagination run wild to create your own colorful world. You can change the way the Bubbles look with your imagination and this Coloring Book!

Music CD
Sing With Charlie Bubbles
Fun, upbeat, sing-along, song companion album for the children’s storybook series, “The Adventures Of Charlie Bubbles!” Available on CD or Digital Download.