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Pediatricians Call For Parents To Read Aloud To Their Children Every DayPediatricianCallForParents
“…the American Academy of Pediatrics issued its first-ever policy statement focused on literacy promotion, calling for pediatricians to advise all parents about the many benefits of reading aloud, which promotes literacy and social-emotional skills. “Reading with young children is a joyful way to build strong and healthy parent-child relationships and stimulate early language development, …”

 5 Reasons Why Everybody Benefits From More Diverse Children’s BooksFirstBook
“…and every study confirms, that strong reading skills are critical to a child’s success in school, impacting everything from English class to their performance in math.”


10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your KidsEarlyMoments
We all want bright, smart children, which is why we spend so much time choosing the right schools and making sure teachers are exceeding expectations. But remember: as a parent, you have the power to boost your children’s learning potential simply by making books an integral part of their lives.

7 Things Parents Should Tell Their Kids Every Day7ThingsParents
There are many ways to say “I love you” to your children, without actually uttering those three small-but-mighty words. Below are my seven favorite alternatives, which also double-duty as “Empowering Life Philosophies” for raising kids who feel resilient —


Choosing Baby and Toddler Books CB.4Books
By the second half of the first year, babies begin to participate actively in the reading process — first by chewing, later by pointing and babbling. Choose books to satisfy a seemingly endless amount of curiosity. Expose your child to the world through bright pictures of interesting objects.


Six Simple Solutions to Bullyingbully
“With Not In Our School, move into action for a safe, accepting and inclusive school.
Six simple solutions:  If you are being bullied: tell them…”